Nakko Retail provides supermarkets and other retailers mobile solutions that support them in their efforts to unlock the potential of mobile commerce. We would like to give you some insight in what these mobile solutions are.

Product (re-)locationing

Together with Philips Lighting we bring you indoor “GPS+”, which enables indoor positioning. Retailers can benefit from this technology twofold: one, guide your customers to where the product they’re searching for is in the store, right from your app. No product stays hidden this way – and it offers great in-store service. Two, enable your employees with the same benefits, so they can work more efficiently. They are also able to reposition products in the store through Nakko’s product relocation app.

Floor plan generator and app component

With the floor plan solution we can quickly generate a 2D and 3D map of the store to be displayed on web and in-app.  Your customers can use the floor plan of your store before and during the shopping trip. Customers can search for a product category or specific products. Displayed on the map it points your customer in the right direction. Use our floor plan solution stand alone or in combination with any type of indoor positioning including of course the Philips IPS, in which the client among other things sees their own location.

Shopping List

Everybody loves lists. Especially when shopping. We created an out-of-the-box solution that lets your customers search and add both products and terms to one or more lists. Those lists are accessible from the app but also the mobile and desktop web. It can even be shared with family members to allow the entire family to add items to the list. Several clever features like active list, term to article conversion and list import/export functionality  An active list is always in view and is integrate-able with your ordering solution, so people can only create a list, but an actual order.

Barcode scanning

The easiest way to put your weekly groceries on a list, is to scan the barcodes of the products. While connected to an EAN-database, products are easily found and added to a shopping list. Product info can also be found through scanning barcodes with your app. So customers can enjoy easy product scanning at home – and in your store! Scanning in stores means faster checkouts. We can provide a solution that enables cashiers to checkout the order at their desk.

We love to share more on these topics. Drop us a note, or call us to find out more about our retail solutions.