Ever wonder why every top stadium has this beautiful green pitch? We’d like to say it’s because of us… but no, it’s because of our client SGL. The app we built them only takes a small part in this but we’re proud nonetheless! Yes Arjan Robben, you should be thanking us for all those soft landings!


  • Possibility to have your latest uploaded PitchCam image on the home page.
  • Registration of lighting hours.
  • Registration of Pitch usage hours.
  • Add a photo to a section of the grid and compare it with other photos of that section.
  • Add a comment to a section of the grid.
  • Analyze the data of your SGL Analyser.
  • Create and save your favorite SGL Analyser data charts.
  • Comparison of lighting- and pitch usage hours with other SGL customers.
  • Send a photo of a problem area to SGL for technical support.


This is where we do it….

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