Research by Dutch agency GfK shows that online grocery shopping is rising quickly. In the first quarter of 2017, the online sales were rising up to 2,7% as opposed to 1,8% in Q1 last year. The total expense online is on the rise as well: 15% (was 10%).

Not only do more households discover the online supermarket, the ones that already were, are shopping more often and spend more money. Especially young people are buying their groceries in online supermarkets, and on slightly unconventional time slots: on Sundays and after 6pm.

Mobile commerce channel

Supermarkets realise that they need an e-commerce channel – moreover: a mobile commerce channel. That could very well be a responsive webshop, but supermarkets are discovering the world of mobile apps. Mobile apps have several advantages over the traditional responsive webshop:

  • a feature rich device to work with. For instance, a smartphone or tablet has the ability to use the device’s camera to scan products. And what about augmented reality in your store?
  • easy to use: because apps use the internet in a different way a browser does, the experience the user has is easier, and generally perceived as faster too.
  • fast checkout possibilities: payment providers and banks have all the tools in place to make paying with your mobile phone easy.
    brand experience: consumers can browse product information in your catalogue and you can notify them of new promotions or products with the mobile’s built-in notifications.

Nakko Retail offers mobile solutions to supermarkets and other retailers to support them in the development of mobile commerce. Contact us for more info.