The way we work

In the way we work we strive for building you the right product, building it right and managing it right.




In anything we do, we want you to have the right mobile solution. We're all about driving value for your customers. To achieve building the right things, we identify where mobile fits best in your customer journey: when would be the most optimal moment for your customer to engage using a mobile device? After we have identified those 'touch points', we set out to design the mobile interactions your customers encounter using storyboards and wireframes.




Awesome developers. We're proud of them. Nakko scours the earth to find the talent responsible for these apps, sites and backends. They are the one powerful ingredient for building it right. Dedicated, pro-active people who are committed to the agile way of working to deliver beautiful code, user experience designs and, ultimately, great features that make up your mobile solution.




We have adopted suitable, agile practices to organise the work of everyone involved. We break down work into manageable items, so we can deliver fast and spot risks early on. Using transparent tools, we're able to let everyone keep track on progress and on the next steps to take. We monitor performance both for the products we make and processes for us as a team. Doing this, we are able to optimise practices and products quickly and adapt to change.