Book Review: Make Over - How Mobile flipped the Shopping Cart

Book Review: Make Over - How Mobile flipped the Shopping Cart

Companies need to Mobile Up! as author Stephan Schambach states in the closing words of his brand new book “Make Over - How Mobile flipped the Shopping Cart”, released in June 2017. Schambach provides a ‘cookbook’ for the retailer that aims to embed mobile into the shopper journey.

The 173 page long book is motivational, easy to read and is full of real-life examples of how the average customer uses the mobile in their shopper journey, even without the retailer knowing it. Although he repeats himself a few times - but everyone in advertising knows that repetition has its place - he makes some valid points on how mobile adds to the shopper journey and why you should start. Today. Here are some take aways from his book.

The sale is just the start

When looking into the relationship retailers have with the demanding customer, many still feel it’s all about making that in-store sale. With mobile however, your store is never far away. Schambach encourages retailers to use mobile as a tool to engage customers, especially after the first sale is made.

Is the physical store dead?

No, Schambach says. Technology isn’t the end of physical stores, simply because people still like to buy in a store. Your store is the center of all kinds of activity and customer experiences, fueled by mobile activation, i.e. hosting events at your store.

Supply your employees with a mobile device

When looking in almost any store, the salesperson almost never has a mobile device to help their customers in their hand. To Schambach, this is ‘backward’. Store associates know how to handle a mobile device in their private life, so that can’t be it. He zooms in on the unjust fear of employers being afraid that their associates will be unproductive that way. Apple and Rituals prove that it can be the opposite. They empower their employees with mobile devices either to see the stock of products or to give extensive info on the products displayed.

Loyalty is a dialogue

With mobile, so Schambach says, just scoring points is not the only thing you can do. You can have personalised loyalty rewards, which just might turn your customers into raving fans. Schambach invites retailers to pinpoint a few steps in the customer journey and attach a (mobile) loyalty opportunity to each of them.

There is no such thing as mobile commerce

It’s commerce. There is no e-commerce or m-commerce. Schambach says that corporate silos are blocking the way forward, as the e-commerce directors and category or store managers fight each other over the same goal: profit and engaged customers. Customers don’t want to know about your silos, he says, they want the best experience anywhere, anytime and on any device. Adopt a unified vision, Schambach tells retailers.

Don’t collect every piece of data

While mobile tech drives data collection, retailers should decide what to know and why. And tell their customers - they should always have the choice to not just give data to you. Create an positive experience that benefits the customer and they’ll be happy to give you some of their data.

Beat Amazon (it can be done!)

When it comes to fulfilment, Amazon is the giant everyone looks up to - or completely ignores. Schambach acknowledges it’s hard to do, but Amazon can be beaten, as long as your fulfilment process fits the needs of your customers. Mobile enables same-day delivery and in-store pick-ups, which comes pretty close to what Amazon is doing. It’s convenient and empowers the physical store as an asset.

Experiment, experiment and… experiment

Last but not least: try out new things, pilot them in your store, ask customers to take part in a special board and make your (mobile) approach better. Experimenting is moving forward, as Schambach states. We couldn’t agree more.

All in all, for anyone in retail how to go about implementing mobile in the shopper journey, Make Over - How Mobile flipped the Shopping Cart is a good place to start. Every chapter ends with a wrap-up and a ‘next steps’ segment, which attributes to other reviewers saying it’s a cookbook for mobile adoption. Assessing if you’re organisation is ready for mobile, is the first step to take.

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Make Over - How Mobile flipped the Shopping Cart is available at Amazon

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Early days...

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