GPS is a great piece of technology on which people have come to rely on when finding out how to go from A to B. Sadly, when you go inside, generally, the message you get is “GPS-signal is lost”. What if we say that is history? And even better: what if we say you can improve store sales? Yes, it can be done.

As every trend report says, the customer nowadays wants to be informed, at all times. Many use the internet – on multiple devices – to find out info and buying opportunities as early as possible. The smartphone is your customer’s best buddy, so why not make it useful whilst shopping?

Customer benefits of automated product locationing

Being a Philips Lab partner we have had to chance to develop on probably the best and most accurate indoor positioning system and integrate it in our apps. This enables your customer to enjoy a swift shopping trip, making the smartphone not only valuable before the actual trip, but also during it, in quite a few ways, by:

  • finding products easily
  • sorting the shopping list in shopping route order.
  • notifying shoppers of must-have discounts or entice them to participate in contests
  • introducing a ‘please help me’ button
  • getting product information in readable format

Retailer benefits of automated product locationing

For retailers, indoor positioning can help to avoid that customers leaving the store without buying the items that they couldn’t find. Or just because it can for instance provide ways to improve product placement by analysing anonymous data of how people move through your store. Or, your employees enjoy the benefits of finding products easily, and have product information ready at hand. That way they can serve the shopping community better than ever before. Or vice versa, location information of relocated products are fed back to the system from the palm of your hand. In combination with Nakko’s 2D/3D floorplan solution every shopper and colleague can enjoy the benefits of instant knowledge of where the product is newly placed, seeing it positioned on the map and making shopping life easy.

We love to share more on this topic and how it can help you. Drop us a note, or call us to find out more about indoor positioning and our shopping solutions.