538 ringtone site

Hi all, A lot of news to tell these days, Barely live with Baron and we have already launched another big site.

Radio 538 by far the biggest radio channel in the Netherlands and active on mobile since many years has asked Nakko to build their mobile ringtone site.

Of course we are happy to work on such a project and after some hard work and LONG LONG working days from Henri we have launched the new radio538 ringtone site well within the tight time schedule.

For all the imode clients we have build a nice imode version, for everyone else you are welcome too. Have a look at 538i.nakko.com not available anymore.

And wouldn’t it be great if not just the mobile ringtonesite, but the entire mobile website of radio 538 would be renewed to offer a lot more interactivity? Well, check out the blog in the next couple of weeks, perhaps there’s some news for you by then.

Radio 538 press release [in Dutch]

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