“Round” Drinking App Goes Worldwide! Order Rounds of Drinks In Style with “Round”!

October 20, 2009 Today, P-Edge media and Nakko released the international version of their “Round” app for iPhone and iPod touch platforms.

Already a success in the Netherlands and Belgium, P-Edge media and Nakko have now published the app for international use!

Who hasn’t been there?

You’re in a crowded bar of pub and are trying to order some drinks. It’s frustrating because no matter how hard you try the bartender doesn’t notice you.  When it’s finally your turn to order, it’s so loud that they have a hard time understanding your order.

Well, stop the madness now and get “Round”! With Round, you can ask your friends for their preferred drink and in one tap can show your order to the bartender!  Orders display in VERY BIG PRINT on both iPhone and iPod Touch!

App’s Key Features:

★ Helps you create a list of your favorite drinks ★ You can add your own drinks and cocktails to your list ★ You can get rid of any drinks that you’ll never order ★ Easy to use + and – buttons to quickly add and remove # of drinks you’ve had ★ Ability to show a bartender (from across the bar) what you want to order ★ Catchy sound effects that you can turn on/off

With “Round” ordering your drinks will become easier & faster!

Additional uses:

★ You’re at a party or a club and a bunch of people are ask you to get them a drink.  You can quickly add them to a list so you can remember what everyone wants!

Never miss another Round… By Nakko and P-Edge media.


Supports English, German, Dutch languages.

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