What's happening at Nakko?

It has been a while since my last post. But that doesn't mean we fell asleep. The thing is that we have been doing some upgrading projects lately. Not the most exiting projects to write about on a weblog but important for us due to the immense growth of some of our services. In other words, not much changed on the outside, but we are all fresh and ready for 2010 from the tech side.

Besides the upgrade projects we have also been working on 2 cool projects that we hope to launch in a month (one) and a couple of months ( the other).

And last but not least, we have done some nice but less "fancy" projects for our existing clients.

So, what is happening at Nakko?   A lot!!

I wil be back with more news in a bit.

p.s. Welcome Djaimy, the newest member of the Nakko team.

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